A semi – retired 76 year old lady from Forest of Dean

Chair & Mat Yoga – Hip Strengthening


6 months after her hip surgery, Silvia came to me and started weekly private one-on-one sessions. Her goal was to gain strength and hip mobility back again.


I started our sessions with chair yoga, giving her gentle practice movements which were about strengthening her hips muscles. I also did breathe work with her. Soon after, I added standing and grounding yoga poses on the mat.


After 3 months of working together, Silvia got strength back in her hips and legs and was able to have a deeper hip opening on the mat. One year on, she is able to go on long walks with her dog and friends. Her mobility for yoga moves, such as getting down to the floor from standing to table pose, downward dog, and back up to standing pose is no longer of her issue. Now, she regularly practices with confidence and has been attending group yoga sessions. Silvia is much happier now and I am so pleased for her progress.

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